The Society for the Prevention of Unfinished Needlepoint (SPUN) is a textile welfare organization.  SPUN was founded in 2009 by Mary Smull; our mission is “to eliminate the worldwide phenomenon of unfinished needlepoint.”


The Society for the Prevention of Unfinished Needlepoint (SPUN) is the first such society to be established and is, today, the largest unfinished needlepoint prevention society in the world. Our organization was founded by Mary Smull in 2009 with the belief that needlepoint projects are entitled to be fully completed and must be protected from ending up in the purgatory of a perennially incomplete state.  Headquartered in Philadelphia, SPUN maintains a strong online presence.  We are member-funded, and all proceeds are dedicated to finding, rescuing, and finishing unfinished needlepoint.




We are dedicated to fulfilling the SPUN mission through multiple approaches.  Our organization provides leadership in four key areas:



1.  Creating a public archive.

At unfinishedneedlepoint.org, images of unfinished needlepoint projects — both before and after their completion — are archived with accompanying stories of the unfinished work.

2.  Providing a forum.

At SPUN’s website, members can share unfinished projects with one another.

3.  Assuaging the guilt.

Guilt is so often associated with non-completion of needlepoint projects.  Through the shared experience of makers — whether they are “finishers” or “non-finishers” – SPUN is here to help.

4.  Finishing unfinished needlepoint.

Membership dues and sales of finished works fund the effort to stop the problem of unfinished needlepoint where it starts!